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  • Benefits Of Having More Romance and Connection in your Marriage
  • ​~ Having more romance and connection is what most females and wives crave in their relationships and marriages.
  • ​~It helps re-ignite and keep the spark alive in your relationship!
  • ​~It brings the passion and fun back into your relationship
  • ​~You are showing your sweetheart in different ways how much they mean to you!
  • ​~This a great online course you can watch as couple so you you are both on the same page!
  • In this online course  you can Learn How To Be Romantic To Impress your Spouse 
  • ​~Romantic ​Secrets Revealed for Frustrated Husbands & Wives That Are Not Romantic, But Want To Be Romantic
  • ​~Tips and Tricks to easily create romance and connection and love in your marriage!
  • ~​Learn How To Be Romantic To Impress His Wife Tips, Tricks & Tools
  • ​~It will help you reconnect to your husband or wife in ways that you had forgotten about!
  • ​~You could do this course as a fun and easy date night with your spouse!
Meet Your Host  Josie McEwen- The Romance Coach
Josie McEwen-  Your Romance Coach
Josie the owner and Head Romantic Consultant absolutely loves to plan creative romantic dates, events, getaways all catered to you and your spouse! So you get the benefits of having more connection and romance in your marriage without all the hard work!

Romance Enhanced Consulting specializes in strengthening marriages through helping you bring in more romance and connection into your marriage, even if you are not the romantic type. Romance Enhanced Consulting's objective is to show you how to make and create a marriage that works through the struggles and how to connect deeply with each other again, and to feel like you are in love again with your spouse!
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You'll  get to discover what things make your sweetheart melt and feel loved!
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